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1. AMAXInno 2306 2500kv

AMAXInno is a relatively new player in the mini-quad game, but seriously impressed me with both of the Kv option from their 2305 lineup.  This 2306 improves on the previous design with an open bottom...

2. AMAXInno 2307 2500kv

AMAXInno is one of those companies that has impressed me with every motor they put across the bench. This motor definitely follows in that line. Structurally speaking it is virtually identical to...

3. AMAXInno 2305 2350kv

...easily achieves 1300g of thrust at under 30A, which is some impressive efficiency. This series of motors from AMAXInno is simply one of the most impressive performing motors for their class...

4. AMAXInno 2305 2550kv

...significant. Overall I was extremely impressed with this motor and I can't wait to see more offerings from AMAXInno.

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