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MQTB Crush Light

The Crush Light hits all the marks you're looking for in a freestyle frame AND it helps support the testing you love here on MQTB. This frame is designed to give you unprecedented flight handling and provide a strong yet light, simple yet feature-rich freestyle experience. All without breaking your wallet.  The frame market is rich with options right now, but there is nothing that hits all the highlights in one place like the Crush Light. Thanks for your support! Plans for the Crush Light are now freely available with no license restrictions. Feel free to download, modify, reproduce and otherwise enjoy the frame!


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  • 5mm thick arms 10mm wide (Perfect fit for Aikon/Spedix 20A ESCs, or Diatone Mamba 40A ESCs)
  • 16x16 motor mounts ONLY on 5" X2 and 5.5" LP models
    • Dramatically increases strength and decreases weight
  • 16x19 slotted mounts on 6" and 7" models
    • More options for larger motors
  • Short body frame option takes up to 1400mAh 4S or equivalent batteries (5" X2,  and 5.5", 6", 7" LP)
  • Long body frame option takes up to 2200mAh 4S or equivalent batteries (5.5", 6", 7" LP)
  • LP arms swappable with any frame style
    • 5" X2 is 5" ONLY, NOT swappable with LP arms
  • 20mm deck height stock but can be built with any size standoffs
    • Micro camera ONLY with 20mm standoffs, taller standoffs and custom printed mounts are required for larger cameras
  • Flexible battery mount options with notches for battery straps in several locations
  • Easy assembly and repair
    • Assembles in minutes 
    • Arms remove without disturbing the flight control stack
    • Conveniently placed zip tie mounts for components
    • Pre-set press nuts on all models for all arm screws
  • Quality hardware
    • 12.9 alloy steel on all structural points
    • 10.9 alloy steel on non-stress points
    • Genuine US-made PEM press-nuts
  • All 3d printed accessories available on Brain3D.co