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AMAXInno 2305 2550kv
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A new entrance into the mini-quad motor scene, an interesting first offering from AMAXInno.

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Published: Sep 2, 2017 by quadmcfly

AMAXInno 2305 2550kv

Tested KV:2500kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:5mm
A pilot from Europe contacted me about testing these motors and put me in touch with this manufacturer a few months ago and they sent over some of their motors for testing. As always with new entries, there are a lot of unknowns and one is never quite sure what to expect.  In this instance I was very pleasantly surprised. The build quality is beautiful on these motors, the tolerances are tight, the windings are thick guage and the air gap is extremely respectable. The shaft is a single piece machined hollow shaft retained by a recessed E clip similar to the clips used by RCINPower and Cobra. The degree of recess on the clip can make servicing the motor a bit difficult, but it is the most secure method of shaft retention of any of the options, so it is a trade-off. My only complaint is that it's heavier than I'd like to see for a 2305, coming in just shy of 32g. 


As much as the build quality on this motor was a pleasant surprise, the results here blew me away. The KV tested right below the claimed 2550kv, coming in just shy of 2500kv.  The numbers exceeded expectations across the board, generating some serious power with some pretty conservative amp numbers.  This is probably the most power 2305 to come across my bench. I was a bit unconvinced of the 2305 stator size till now, but given the correct design constraints it seems to be capable of more than was evident based on previous motors in this size class.  Given the high performance here the 32g weight class is a lot less significant. Overall I was extremely impressed with this motor and I can't wait to see more offerings from AMAXInno.