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Motor Data Explorer

This page contains interactive graphs generated from the raw data on the site. You can explore the data in several formats here, as well as compare results from specific motor and propeller combinations. You can also copy the data to your own account on Plot.ly to play with, or you can download the graphs as PNG. The first time a graph is viewed data processing may take a while, but the processed data is cached, so the graphs will speed up after they've been viewed. Check out the various graphs below.

Motor Peak Thrust Averages

These graphs are built from an average of the 2 second throttle holds at each of the various throttle positions. The default scale of each metric is locked so switching between graphs and motors should show accurate relative scale.

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Motors by Prop

This table will show which motors use a given prop and sort them by several categories. Click on a motor name to jump to the full data sheet for that motor.
WARNING: These tables may take quite a while to load the first time a prop/thrust/throttle combination is accessed!

By Throttle

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Motor MakeModelWeight(g)Power(W)Thrust(g)Efficiecy(g/W)

By Thrust

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Motor MakeModelWeight(g)Power(W)Thrust(g)Efficiecy(g/W)

Motor Throttle Ramps

These graphs are built from 6 second throttle ramp from 0 to 100% throttle.

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Motor/Propeller Details

These graphs show the details of the chosen motor and propeller combination, showing the acceleration points at each throttle position as well as showing the throttle ramp and a chart of the complete run. The default scale of each metric is locked so switching between graphs and motor/propeller combinations should show accurate relative scale.

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Motor Comparisons

The default range is the idle to full throttle acceleration range. For reference the following ranges may be relevant:

  • Idle to 50% - Starts at 4000000uS
  • 50% to Idle - Starts at 6000000uS
  • Idle to 75% - Starts at 8000000uS
  • 75% to Idle - Starts at 10000000uS
  • Idle to 100% - Starts at 12000000uS
  • 100% to Full Stop - Starts at 14000000uS
  • Ramp - Starts at 16000000uS, ends at 22000000uS
  • 100% to Idle - Starts at 24000000uS
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