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AMAXInno 2305 2350kv
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The mid-Kv version of the AMAXInno 2305 line.

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Published: Nov 6, 2017 by quadmcfly

AMAXInno 2305 2350kv

Tested KV:2300kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:5mm
Other than the Kv difference, the build quality and construction is identicial to the 2550kv here, so we'll skip directly to the results.


When I tested the high Kv version of this motor, I was pretty unprepaired for the quality and performance from a brand that was previously unknown.  With the strong performance of the 2550kv I was very interested to see the results here.  The lower Kv version definitely didn't disappoint.  The Kv tested a tad lower than stated coming in at close to 2300kv rather than the stated 2350kv.  This was almost an identical margin to the higher Kv motor, so this seems consistent.  Once again the performance and efficiency of this motor was impressive.  My early experiences with 2305 motors made me dubious of the stator size, but these motors have completely redeemed the stator size. The torque they are capable of producing in this size is exceptional.  Essentially this motor produces equivalent output to even 2306 motors at equivalent or less current and even faster response times for several grams less weight, just shy of 1700g peak on a 6x4 prop at only 37A sustained. On light and mid weight props, this motor easily achieves 1300g of thrust at under 30A, which is some impressive efficiency. This series of motors from AMAXInno is simply one of the most impressive performing motors for their class that I've seen in a long time. I can't wait to see more from AMAXInno.