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AMAXInno 2307 2500kv
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A monster offering from AMAXInno in the large stator high-kv space.

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Published: Jan 21, 2019 by quadmcfly

AMAXInno 2307 2500kv

Tested KV:2520kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:7mm
AMAXInno is one of those companies that has impressed me with every motor they put across the bench. This motor definitely follows in that line. Structurally speaking it is virtually identical to the AMAXInno 2306 motor we tested last year, with the stator size being increased to 2307. Other than what I mentioned in that review, the only thing that has been a complaint with the design is the weight. This motor is no exception; coming in at a whopping 37g it's an absolute monster. The key with these motors though, is that the majority of that weight is productive weight, so it's there for a reason!


It may seem a bit odd that a motor that tested at just over 2500kv is classified in the high Kv category, but as soon as the numbers show it all makes sense. This motor is an absolute monster, putting out some of the most impressive performance I've seen.  The thing that is remarkable about the AMAXInno motors is how they generate such massive power at current numbers that are similar to motors with much less impressive performance. The current draw seems high at first blush, but when compared against other motors in the same thrust categories it gains some perspective. The kind of power and efficiency this motor is capable of producing put it in direct competition with much larger motors in the 2407 and 2408 class. Given the torque production of this motor, the ideal loading here is as flexible as your battery.  It's powerful and still decently efficient on the lighter weight 5" tri-blades, but will pack some serious punch on the heavier tri-blades as long as your battery can keep up. With careful throttle management and a good battery though, it's still very feasible as the efficiency at the lower throttle ranges is on par or bettery and many smaller motors. It is worth mentioning that though this motor produces impressive power in static conditions, the relatively lower Kv than other motors in the high-kv category means it will still likely produce slightly slower top speeds in unloaded forward flight, especially on lighter loaded props. The torque gains mean it will catch up under heavier load where it can push the props to a better percentage of it's unloaded RPMs than higher KV motors with a lower torque yeild.  Still, any way you cut it this motor produces some insane power and responsiveness.  Yet another impressive offering from AMAXInno.