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AMAXInno 2207.5 2500kv 
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A 2207.5 offering from AMAXInno in 2500kv and 1800kv.

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Published: Jul 15, 2019 by quadmcfly

AMAXInno 2207.5 2500kv/1800kv

Tested KV:2480kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:7.5mm
AMAXInno has made their name in the 23XX class motors with high powered and solidly efficient offerings. This motor represents a slightly different approach, moving to the narrower stator size and trading the diameter for a slight increase in height up to 7.5mm.  The result is a motor that is a bit lighter for the stator size than some of their other offerings.  The bell design is unique with this model as well, going for a rippled flux ring rather than the flat rings of their wider counterparts.  The motor comes in 2500kv and 1800kv variants, both of which were tested here.


AMAXInno has yet to disappoint on any of the motors we've tested, and this set of tests is no exception. The 2500kv tested at around 2480kv, and the 1800kv came in closer 1750kv.  The results are consistent with AMAX's other offerings, providing excellent power without breaking the bank in terms of g/W, especially when compared to other motors in the same power ranges.  The low KV variant really knocks it out of the park, delivering some serious power across the entire range of tested props. The slightly lower Kv makes this motor ideal for a bit heavier prop loading than the stated Kv would suggest, increasing the range of acceptable prop loadings.  Overall a typically strong offering from AMAXInno.