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AMAXInno 2306 2500kv
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An update of the AMAXInno lineup to a 2306 stator.

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Published: Mar 7, 2018 by quadmcfly

AMAXInno 2306 2500kv

Tested KV:2430kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:6mm
AMAXInno is a relatively new player in the mini-quad game, but seriously impressed me with both of the Kv option from their 2305 lineup.  This 2306 improves on the previous design with an open bottom to further reduce weight and a larger stator size, but is essentially identical otherwise. The increase in stator size brings the weight total up to just over 33g, which isn't unreasonable for a 2306. For a full discussion of the build quality and details of this series of motors, check out the 2305 2550kv results here.


Given the success of the previous motors from AMAXInno I was excited to see the performance gains from the larger stator size with this motor.  The Kv here actually tested a tad low for the stated Kv, coming in around 2430kv rather than 2500kv. Even with the relatively low Kv, this motor definitely still ranks in the high Kv performance bracket in both current and prop selection. Most 2306 2450kv motors I would run 6" props, but this motor was already putting out well over 1600g of thrust on the heaviest 5" props at over 40A.  The current draw for the thrust isn't unreasonable until the HQ 5.1x5.1x3 v1s prop, where spikes up to 50A. That is likely more a result of the specifications of the prop than this particular motor though. It will be interesting to watch this prop as we see results for it on a bigger range of motors.  This was the first test for this prop, and I was quite impressed so far, though the load is surprsingly heavy for a mere 0.1" increase in diameter. 

Also it is interesting to compare this motor to the T-Motor F40 Pro II 2400kv, as they are remarkably similar in construction.  You can see the slighly higher Kv of the F40 Pro II (tested about 50Kv higher than the AMAXInno) showing up on the lighter props, but the AMAXInno has slightly faster response times and catches up on the heavier props. The AMAXInno comes in at quite a few grams heavier however, using heavier and thicker magnets to gain that torque advantage.  Very strong performance from AMAXInno here.