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Emax RS2306 2750kv
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Emax seeks to dominate once again with the release of this larger stator monster built with same attention to detail as the RS-S series.

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Published: Mar 31, 2017 by quadmcfly

Emax RS2306 2750kv

Tested KV:2630kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:6mm
Since the release of the original RS2205 motors, Emax has consistantly come out with motors that top the charts in terms of performance and build quality.  This RS2306 is the next in this line of trend setters, and it certainly lives up to its heritage.  This motor inherits many of the design techniques demonstrated in the RS-S series of motors: the hollow shaft, lower profile, and slimmed base design as well as the very thick arc magnets, 0.15mm stator laminations, and insanely tight air gap. The matte finish white on the bells is very impressive, though I fear since it is paint an not anodization it won't last long.  It looks beautiful though!  Emax seems to have thought of this though and is offering this motor in black annodized finish as well. One thing I especially appreciated is that Emax used an appropriate loctite on the shaft retention screw that is hard enough to prevent backing out, but not so hard you strip the head of the screw when removing the bell.  They also include an extra washer and screw with the motor.  Just remember if you losen the screw or remove the bell, you will need to re-loctite the screw before you reattach it.  Another note, be careful how hard you tighten the screw.  If you over tighten it the motor will not spin smoothly and you run the risk of burning an ESC or overheating the motor due to the friction. Always carefully check the rotation of the bell, and if it feels sticky, back the screw out half a turn until it turns smoothly. My only minor complaint about the motor is the weight.  At 34g it comes in 2g heavier than the F40Pro and SunnySky motors in the same class, though still under the 35g common in the 2207 class. Other than that though, a very impressive motor.


Given the anticipation around this motor I was very curious to see the results here. The trend recently seems to be under shoot the KV rating, and the RS2306 continues that trend, testing at 2630kv which is a good deal shy of the advertised 2750kv.  I double checked my numbers against a few other reviewers though, and it seems to be consistent, so it is not a measurement error.  The numbers here were impressive.  Performance was almost exactly on par with the T-Motor F60Pro 2207 2500kv (tested 2600kv) and the XFoot 2207 2600kv, though falling behind the insane Cobra Champion 2207 2600kv. This is quite impressive given the smaller stator volume; the 0.15mm laminations showing their colors.  The extra bit of performance on a smaller stator does come at an efficiency cost though, pulling slightly more current across the board, even at lower throttle though that difference will likely minimise when unloaded in the air.  Overall some very solid performance and yet another very solid motor from Emax, though it certainly faces stiffer competition than it's predicessors.