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Cobra Champion 2207 2600kv
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This is the special 2600kv team edition of the 2207 Champion series motors from Cobra.

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Published: Mar 7, 2017

Cobra Champion 2207 2600kv<br />

Tested KV:2580kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:7mm
As the highest KV in the CP2207 series, this motor represents a significant step up from it's 2450kv little brother.  The core design is identical, carrying the same build quality and tolerances that have made the other motors a success.  Again, the big question here is how the high KV of this motor impacts the numbers.


Given the quite significant jump in performance between the 2300kv and 2450kv variants of this motor and the execellent performance of the 2450kv on heavy 5" and light 6" props, I expected some interesting things from this motor.  Clearly this design provides some significant torque.  This 2600kv definitely didn't disappoint. It pushed out some of the most insane performance I've ever seen out of 5" propellers, nailing over 1700g of thrust on the Lumenier Buttercutter 5x5x3 at a whopping 44A.  The current draw on this motor across the board added to the weight of this motor makes it difficult in practical terms.  High KV really needs to keep weight down in order to maintain enough forward angle to sufficiently unload in forward flight, so the 36g weight cost on these adds to the challenge given the absolute necessity of as much unloading as possible at those current ranges. However, there is a definite application here in spite of the tantalizing thrust numbers on the heavy props.  On lighter weight dual blade props, the RPMs this motor is capable of producing will create some insanely fast speeds on 4S while keeping the current draw on par with lower KV motors on heavier props.  The torque of the 2207 stators will also help with transition speeds on even some of the mid-range dual blade props like the 5x4.5HBN duals, which hit over 1450g of thrust at only 33amps.  Clearly the efficiency of the other Champion 2207 motors applies here as well with the right props.  Overall I'd say in the correct application this motor is an impressive conclusion to the CP2207 series.