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T-Motor F60Pro 2207 2500kv
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This is the high Kv variant in the F60Pro lineup.

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Published: Mar 7, 2017 by quadmcfly

T-Motor F60Pro 2207 2500kv

Tested KV:2615kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:7mm
The F series from T-Motor seems to be coming more and more prolific in its variants.  This high Kv version of the F60Pro has all the same bells and whistles of the 2200kv version already tested, with only a change in the windings giving the extra Kv.  One interesting thing to point out here is that this motor provides an interesting opportunity that we don't often see.  It happens to be identical build quality and methodology and almost idential KV to the 2306 "2400kv" F40Pro.  We have a chance here to observe the difference between two motors based purely on stator size while almost entirely eliminating other variables.  The most interesting thign is that 2306 is the clear winner in weight.  With the 2306 coming almost exactly 2g lighter than the 2207, it is clear that 2207 ends up with more mass in the stators. The real question is, what does that do to the performance?  So lets check it out!


One of the most striking things here is that this motor is essentially statistically identical to the XFoot 2207 2600kv.  Given that F60Pro tested just over 2600kv, combined with the close proximity of T-Motor and SunnySky (who makes the XFoot), this probably isn't a big surprise, but it is encouraging to see the consistency of the test environment.  The second thing that stands out is that 2207 has a significant performance edge over 2306.  Again this should be fairly obvious as we've already established the mass of the stator is quite a bit more on the 2207.  The 2207 pulled slightly higher current and slightly more thrust across the board, ending up with almost identical efficiency.  Basically 2207 has shifted the optimal power band of the motor up a bit into the higher RPMs while offering a bit faster transition speeds. What was interesting to me is how this scaled pretty much equally across all the props, not really showing a favor for light props over heavy props.  Like the XFoot and the Cobra Champion 2207 2600kv motors, this one draws a significant amount of current on the heavier props, and has a similar failing of combining weight with high current draw in a situation where that is problematic.  The same solution offers itself here though, as far as proping down a bit to lighter loaded props.  Overall this motor offers some interesting options for high speed rigs, though comes with the challenge of managing the weight and current draw.