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T-Motor F40 Pro II 2400kv
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A 2306 racing focused update to the F40 Pro lineup from T-Motor

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Published: Jan 24, 2018 by quadmcfly

T-Motor F40 Pro II 2400kv

Tested KV:2470kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:6mm
T-Motor has been remarkably prolific in new motor releases over the last year, and the updates to the F Pro lineup are the latest in that trend.  This update represents a fairly significant shift from the earlier Pro line, completely redesigning the bell and motor base, and re-working the internals of the motor.  The stator size of the Pro II  line remains the same as its predicessor, but the bell has been slimmed down and opened up, and the base has been changed to an open mount with a 16x16mm mount pattern. The top of the bell also has added a very grippy knolled section below the prop to help prevent prop slipping. The combined changes resulted in a signficant weight loss, with the F40 Pro II dropping to just over 29g down from 32g. The new series also replaces the circ-clip on the previous Pro motors with a retention screw. In addition to the aesthetics the internal design has been upgraded. The most significant and noticeable upgrade is the windings. The color of the windings has shifted from the bright silver in the previous Pro series to a light amber, but despite the shift the windings are still the same silver-plated copper as the previous edition. What has changed is the resin used to insulate the wire.  Rather than 120 Celcius rating the new resin is 240 Celcius rated. This means much more stable windings with a significantly reduced risk of burning a coil, even with a significant current dump from the ESC (such as when the motor is blocked while the ESC is still attempting to run).  There also seem to be some visible differences to the magnets used, though exactly what those differences are is hard to quantify. This new generation represents a significant and impressive rework to the F Pro lineup.


The most significant thing here is that similar to the original F40 Pro this motor tests a good deal higher in Kv than stated, coming in just shy of 2500kv. Combined with the already very high performance of this motor, it shifts it into the high Kv classification, and out of the mid Kv that at 2400kv labelling would traditionally occupy. This motor definitely earns the high Kv stripes, putting out some extremely impressive torque and RPM production even for a motor testing below 2500kv. The results here just outstrip the original F40 Pro, while seeing a slight gain in effeciency across the board. As mentioned in other reviews on this site, the relatively low Kv but high torque and high RPM output means this motor will have a different throttle curve and unloading profile from some of the higher Kv motors with similar output, so that should be kept in mind when considering options.  Excellent work here from T-Motor.