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T-Motor F40 Pro 2400kv
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Another offering in the F series Pro line from T-Motor, this is the smaller brother of the F60Pro.

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Published: Feb 10, 2017 by quadmcfly

T-Motor F40 Pro 2400kv

Tested KV:2500kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:6mm
This is the second F series Pro motor to come across the bench, and it bears the same quality and design improvements of the F60Pro. The heritage of the Pro line from the F40II is quite clear on this one, though it represents a fairly significant stator upgrade to 2306 over the F40II 2305. Also the magnets are a good deal wider, filling more of the bell radius. Check the F60Pro 2200kv review for further discussion of the Pro line improvements. Overall a well designed motor with some worth improvements.  The only downside is the relatively hefty weight for a 6mm class motor, coming in at just over 32g.


Given the relatively high current draw on the F40II, and the issues it had with heavy props, I was very curious to see how the upgrades in the Pro motor would impact that perfromance.  It seems that the extra mm of stator height combined with the wider magnets have solved the current draw issue for the most part.  What I wasn't expecting out of this motor was a good deal higher KV than what was on the bell.  This motor tested at 2500kv for me, which given the high performance of the parts involved, moves this motor from the mid-KV range into the high-KV range.  And boy this motor really shows that in the performance!  Some really amazing numbers here. The torque this motor is capable of producing is quite impressive for its size.  The efficiency is still not as good as some of the other motors in this weight and stator class, but the output is definitely reaching making up for that. I went ahead and tested this guy on the 6x4, and it broke 1800g at full throttle, which is quite impressive.  The current draw isn't really sustainable on 6" at full throttle, but it definitely puts it ahead of the F60v2 2450kv in terms of output, though at significantly higher current draw. The F40Pro can definitely handle the high current though, where the F40II failed.  What is interesting though is that if you start comparing at 50% and 75% throttle the efficiency has basically caught up, so in practicality in-flight efficiency during normal flight may not vary that much, and the F40Pro is a good deal lighter. The power to weight combination on this motor makes it a very interesting option for high performance flying.