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T-Motor F60 ProII 1750KV Full Results  [CLICK HERE]


One of the first 6S motors tested, and manages to set a new bar on some performance metrics. Simply put, a true beast of a motor, with a couple tradeoffs.

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Published: Nov 5, 2018 by rotorious

T-Motor F60 ProII 1750KV

Tested KV:1840kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:7mm

The general design and components of this motor is the same as the other 2700KV variant, which was already put the to the test.  The only differences are the KV and deep red color, which really looks fantastic. It is worth noting that the measured KV was well above the value on the label (1840, not 1750). Bear this in mind when comparing test results.


Ok WOW... the 2700KV version of the F60 ProII was a beast, but this one tops that by a lot in terms of raw grunt. In fact, it produced more thrust than any other motor tested on MQTB (on the props included in the test). Take DAL 5x4.6x3 for example. It produced 180g more thrust than the next highest competitor (Northaero Dragon 2207.5-2650kv). Surprisingly, the efficiency isn’t as low as one might expect, but you will still be hard pressed to find a battery capable of keeping them properly fed, unless you are willing to add quite a bit of weight to the quad.  I was going to test even more aggressive props, but I could tell from the smell of hot enamel that it would have burned up if I went higher than DAL 5046C. That doesn't mean it's going to burn up on more aggressive props in the air. It's just where I called a halt to the bench test.