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HGLTech Flame 2207-1775KV

KV: 1790kv - Weight: 31.7g - Stator Width: 22mm - Stator Height: 7mm

We have a new leader of the thrust charts.

T-Motor F40 Pro II 1600KV

KV: 1620kv - Weight: 28.5g - Stator Width: 23mm - Stator Height: 6mm

Taking a look at the 1600KV version of the T-Motor F40 Pro II on 6S.

Brother Hobby Returner R3 2207-1660KV

KV: 1690kv - Weight: 30.5g - Stator Width: 22mm - Stator Height: 7mm

The Returner R3 is a solid motor choice, especially for those wanting to spend a little bit less for top tier flight performance. Here we take a look at the 2207-1660KV version.

Emax RSII 2206 and 2306 1700KV

KV: 1750kv - Weight: 27.4g - Stator Width: 23mm - Stator Height: 6mm

Taking a look at the Emax RSII 2306 and 2206 1700KV motors. Emax engineers managed to get both of these motors to weigh the same, so we got curious about where they differ in construction and performance.

T-Motor F60 ProII 1750KV

KV: 1840kv - Weight: 32.8g - Stator Width: 22mm - Stator Height: 7mm

One of the first 6S motors tested, and manages to set a new bar on some performance metrics. Simply put, a true beast of a motor, with a couple tradeoffs.

Catalyst Machineworks Freedom HV 2205-1750KV

KV: 1770kv - Weight: 25.2g - Stator Width: 22mm - Stator Height: 5mm

One of the first 2205 motors marketed toward 6S power systems, with a design focused on balancing performance, durability, weight, and cost. Oh, and it happens to put out more thrust than any other 2205 motor tested to date.

SunnySky Edge Lite R2305 2300kv

KV: 2180kv - Weight: 29.9g - Stator Width: 23.8mm - Stator Height: 5mm

The lower KV option from SunnySky's Edge Lite line of racing motors.

Cobra Champion CP2210 2200kv

KV: 2200kv - Weight: 45g - Stator Width: 22mm - Stator Height: 10mm

This is the largest offering in the Champion line, currently flying wing spec motor but also usable for 280 and 300 class miniquads.

T-Motor F80 2408 2200kv

KV: 2135kv - Weight: 42g - Stator Width: 24mm - Stator Height: 8mm

This is the massive F80, the largest motor currently offered in the F line for FPV mini-quads.

T-Motor F60 Pro 2207 2200kv

KV: 2280kv - Weight: 35.1g - Stator Width: 22mm - Stator Height: 7mm

T-Motor has been really hitting it hard recently with lots of new releases. This is the middle KV release of the big gun of the Pro line, the F60 Pro.