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T-Motor F60 Pro II 2700kv
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The top powerhouse motor in the Pro II line from T-Motor.

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Published: Jun 6, 2018 by quadmcfly

T-Motor F60 Pro II 2700kv

Tested KV:2670kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:7mm
With this motor T-Motor has thrown all caution to the wind and created something that is power simply for the sake of being powerful.  There have been several motors to cross the bench recently that take this tack, and T-Motor is looking to compete in that space.  The design and build quality here are identical to the F40 Pro II that already hit the bench, simply offering a larger stator size and varying Kv.  The weight isn't as impressively low as the F40 at 33.4g, coming in a bit heavier than other 2207 motors on the market. Clearly this motor is focused on producing maximum power first.


This motor is an absolute monster, but interestingly it managed to stay fairly efficient for the amount of power it produces. At equivalent thrust it actually draws less current than most of the competition in the same space, averaging 2.6 g/W at full throttle on the heaviest props tested, and achieving 2.8g/W on the always efficient 5x4x3 v1s. The torque production of this motor is clear, demonstrating itself by pushing the 5x4.5x3 v1s up into the mid 1700g range at 45A. Given the high power output of these motors, the ideal prop is likely to be a lighter load 5" prop, either dual or light tri-blade. Anything above the 5x4.3x3 v1s would require careful throttle control to preserve battery life.  That being said, at lower throttle, the efficiency of this motor is on-par or better than many of the more conservative motors on the market, so using the throttle limiting features in the flight controller to limit maximum current but retain the response and snap of a high Kv motor is likely to produce good results depending on what you are looking to accomplish.