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T-Motor F60 2207 2200kv Full Results  [CLICK HERE]


T-Motor sent over their new F60 motor in the revised 2200kv.  The F60 is the 2207 line of motors that builds on the success of the F40 2205 series.  I will be testing both the 2200kv and the 2450kv.  

This is the third motor I've had on the stand in the F series from T-Motor, and the qualitit is consistantly very good on these motors.  The 4mm shaft and accompanying 4mm bearings provide a very solid, very smooth feel.  The build quality is awesome, and tolerances are tight.  The windings look fantastic as always. The single piece shaft is brilliant, should be extremely durable. As with the other F-series motors, it is fastened by a c-clip, not a screw, so that may be an issue for some, and a bonus for others, depending on your viewpoint. The only real complaint I have about this motor is the weight. At 35g with wires and no prop nut, the weight is nothing to shrug off. For an agile quad, these may not be the best choice, but if you're looking for raw power and excellent response on heavy props with very reasonable current draw, look no futher.  A minor gripe for me is the sticker.  Earlier versions of the prototype had laser etching, which I think is preferrable.  That's purely cosmetic though, and the sticker can always be peeled off.


There's some really amazing numbers here.  The 2207 stator size really pushes these motors to some amazing performance without costing a huge amp draw.  It has some of the highest numbers on heavy 5" and light 6" props that I've yet seen at much lower sustained amp draws.  It's the first motor on my stand to hit over 1500g sustained thrust, and it manages it with the KK 6x4 at only 30A.  There's some similar record performance on the 5" props, with the 5x4x4 looking like the champion here hitting over 1250g at only 27A.  Overall if you can take the weight of these on your quad, they are tremendous performers.  Loads of torque and very decent efficeincy will make these snappy and responsive while delivering some insane punch.