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T-Motor F40 Pro II 1600KV Full Results  [CLICK HERE]


Taking a look at the 1600KV version of the T-Motor F40 Pro II on 6S.

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Published: Nov 18, 2018 by rotorious

T-Motor F40 Pro II 1600KV

Tested KV:1620kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:6mm

The previous summary of the F40 Pro II design was quite thorough, so I will paraphrase that here. Overall quality is exceptional, as usual from T-Motor. Notable and welcome differences from previous F40 designs are the significantly reduced weight, and prop grip on top of the bell, and very high temperature wire enamel.


In terms of thrust, the results are actually not quite as high as I expected, but with most of the props I ran over 1500g g of thrust, it is still certainly a very high performance motor. Compared to other 6S tests so far, this one is on the lower end, but that is to be expected since the KV is the lowest tested so far. In terms of efficiency at constant thrust, it is right in line with all the other 6S motors, coming in at 3.13 g/W at 600g thrust on DAL Cyclone 5046. For prop choice, this motor has enough torque to turn almost any 5” prop reasonably well, so go ahead and load it up with some durable, high pitch props and let it eat.


- Ryan Evens