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SkyGear SG2207 2400kv
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A large stator mid-kV motor sent over by SkyGear for testing.

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Published: Sep 4, 2017 by quadmcfly

SkyGear SG2207 2400kv

Tested KV:2380kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:7mm
There have been quite a few entries into the larger stator space recently, and this motor from SkyGear is another good example.  The OEM work for SkyGear is identical to the Thor TorqueMaster 2307, but with a slight smaller stator size, lower KV and lower weight, coming in at just under 35g. Build quality is very similar, very high quality machining and build construction, and an even tighter air-gap and thicker magnets than the Thor. My only complaint with this motor is it is still a tad heavy given some of the light weight 2207 motors on the market, but overall very strong design here.


Clearly the internals of this motor have been upgraded a bit over the Thor motor that shares it's design, as the output here significantly improved. Given the larger stator size of the Thor, that is fairly impressive.  The KV tested just shy of 2400kv, which is essentially within expected tolerances of the wind. The performance here is very respectable, showing very similar performance to the original T-Motor F60 2450kv, striking a decent balance of torque, power, and efficiency.