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Thor TorqueMaster 2307 2500kv
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A large stator offering from a new player, Thor motors.

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Published: Jun 25, 2017 by quadmcfly

Thor TorqueMaster 2307 2500kv

Tested KV:2400kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:7mm
Norse mythology seems to be quite popular in the mini-quad world, from the Asgard flight controller to the Mjolnir motor recently tested.  This motor from Thor motors continues that trend, offering a large stator motor.  The motor design is beautiful and well thought out, including the hollow shaft design, bottom retaining screw and larger bearings popular in modern motors.  The machining is beautiful and tolerances are tight.  One of the best features of this motor is the knurling at the base of the motor shaft. It provides some of the best grip on the prop that I've ever seen when tightening the prop nut.  This should dramatically reduce prop slipping even without counter-rotating nuts.  The motor is a bit heavy coming in at 36.3g, but at 2307 still quite reasonable for the size. The retaining screw for the bell at the bottom of the shaft is well designed, very similar to the Emax RS-S and RS2306 motors, easy to remove, but sits well enough to not fall out. Overall a very impressive first offering from Thor motors.


This motor sits in an interesting spot right between mid and high KV, but given the results here I've decided to include this in the mid KV range.  The results here are impressive, offering a good balance of power and efficiency due to the larger stator size.  The KV tested a bit lower than stated, so this motor really comes into its own on the heavier props, especially the top of the 5" range and the low to mid weight 6" props. Probably the ideal props for this setup are the heavier 5" higher pitch props, such as the Cyclone 5x4.6 and Lumenier Buttercutters, though HQ 6x3.5 or KingKong 6x4 will be feasible on a larger battery pack. Very solid performance here, at resonable current draw for the power.