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1. ">Hypetrain "Botgrinder" 2306 2450kv

Rotor Riot hasn't been shy about mentioning the OEM partner for the original Hypetrain motors, so it is very interesting to see Hypetrain model coming from a different supplier. This motor is different...

2. Hypetrain "Cricket" 2306.6 2550kv

Hypetrain has significantly broadened their line of motors since the initial testing we did with the first batch of Freestyle motors.  We've tested quite a few of their pilot motors, and this...

3. ">Hypetrain "Le Drib" 2306 2650kv

Rotor Riots foray into the hardware world began with the original Hypetrain Freestyle motor, and continues here with a pilot edition motor in the higher Kv range.  Build quality is essentially the...

4. Hypetrain Freestyle 2306 2450kv

RotorRiot has been a huge name in this hobby for quite some time, bringing mostly media content but also carrying some custom OEM products that have been quite popular over time.  Their decision...

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