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Hypetrain "Le Drib" 2306 2650kv
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The high Kv option in the Hyptrain 2306 lineup.

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Published: Aug 20, 2018 by quadmcfly


Tested KV:2720kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:6mm
Rotor Riots foray into the hardware world began with the original Hypetrain Freestyle motor, and continues here with a pilot edition motor in the higher Kv range.  Build quality is essentially the same as the previous motor, but some upgrades to the motor shaft strength, bearings (from NSK to EZO bearings), and retaining screw (12.9 steel with 2.5mm hex drive) for the shaft have been made since the prototypes I initially tested. One other important point to note that is specific to the "Le Drib" edition of this motor is that the windings have been swapped to multistrand silver wire rather than single strand. There are some theoretical advantages to having more skin are as the RPMs get higher and switching speeds increase, so this is an interesting choice. 


The design decisions that went into the orginal Freestyle motor resulted in a solid balance of power, efficeincy, and smoothness, so I was curious to see how that would translate into other Kv.  This higher Kv edition of the motor didn't disappoint on any of those fronts, retaining the smoothness power, but adding the extra response from the extra Kv.  The measured Kv tested a bit higher than stated, coming in just over 2700kv. The results reflect this with even dual bladed 5" props easily clearing 1300g of thrust.  For the power, efficiency is still solid for this motor, though it does loose some ground over its mid-Kv sibling at least at peak power.  At equivalent thrust, efficiency is still essentially identical. Because of the high Kv and resulting maximum power consumption, this motor is going to do best on lower pitch, lighter loaded props, though up to 4.5 pitch triblades may be feasible with the right throttle management.  The higher Kv on a lighter loaded prop here will give a very different throttle curve, even compared to the mid-Kv Hypetrain on a heavier prop that generates equivalent thrust, generating more snap, a bit more immediate response, and an overall sharper stick feel. Overall this is an intersting addition, adding some great functional diversity to the Hyptrain lineup.