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RCINPower GTS v2 Pro 2207.5 2750kv
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The updated Pro version of the GTS v2 line in a 2207.5 stator size.

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Published: Apr 16, 2019 by quadmcfly

RCINPower GTS v2 Pro 2207.5 2750kv

Tested KV:2800kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:7.65mm
The GTS v2 2306 motors have done very well in the testing here, but one of the main community complaints was the few stator size options.  RCINPower appears to have heard the community feedback, and released this 2207.5 "Pro" version of the motor.  The design is very similar to the 2306 with a varying color.  RCINPower's typical top-notch production quality is very evident here as usual. The weight is extremely reasonable for a 2207.5 class motor, coming in at just over 32g. The stator height actually comes in at 7.65mm with 51 0.15mm stator laminations. The Pro version doesn't appear to have made any other significant changes to the 2306 design, so check out that review for a full discussion of the details.


As expected from RCINPower, this motor delivers. Kv tested at bit high, exceeding 2800kv as tested. The numbers reflect that in sheer volume, but without suffering from a significant efficiency loss over other similar motors on the market. RCINPower consistently delivers power for above average efficiency near the top of the throttle range, and this motor is no exception. Don't let that fool you though, it will still drain your batteries dry without careful throttle management with current draw approaching 50A sustained. As with similar high-kv, high-torque tests, this configuration limits the range of props that are viable due to the current draw, but within that range it performs extremely well, approaching 1700g max thrust on mid-loaded 5" props.  Especially for the price point, this motor is at the top of the heap in the high Kv 2207 range.