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RCINPower GTS v2 2500kv
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A new high performance offering from RCINPower in their GTS Line

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Published: Oct 4, 2018 by quadmcfly

RCINPower GTS v2 2500kv

Tested KV:2470kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:6mm
RCINPower has continually impressed me with the motors that hit the bench, providing some of the best quality machining as well as top notch performance.  Their build quality has been consistently some of the best work I've seen, on part with the best brands out there.  This GTS v2 is no exception.  The most striking feature of this motor is the full aluminum surround on the bell. The steel flux ring is still there beneath the aluminum, but the external aluminum casing serves two functions.  The primary function is providing significant additonal surface area for the glue that connects the flux ring to the bell. Other top brand motors have recently had some struggles with the flux ring seperating from the bells on high torque motors, and this entirely solves that problem. Combined with the lip on the bottom of the flux ring, the days of both slipped bells and slipped magnets are gone.  The second function of the aluminum surround is corrosion resistance. The previous Mark I motor we tested from RCINPower used a custom oxide layer to prevent surface corosion on the steel flux ring, which was a well executed solution, but most bells rely on paint and other similar coatings that scratch off over time. The lasering of graphics and text on the bells also tends to expose metal that will corrode over time. While that corrosion is largely cosmetic, it is still a consideration to make. The aluminum surround entirely solves any surface corrosion on the steel flux ring, and allows for custom anodizing and much finder detail lasering.  Overall it adds a cosmetic and functional edge to these motors without any significant weight drawbacks due to the thinness of the material.  Visual effect is dramatic, making these some of the best looking motors to cross bench.  The bearings are the more robust 4x9x4 bearings as well, which bodes well for long term bearing life and smoothness.  The rest of the design is standard fair, titanium allow shaft, good grip at the base of the prop shaft, open base 16x16 mount, single wire winds, and strong arc magnets with a tiny air gap. The weight comes in at just shy of 33g, which is not light for a motor this size, but not unreasonable.  All this combines to make an extremely compelling offering from RCINPower.


The excellent build quality and tolerances here definitely show in the results. The Kv tested a tad lower than the 2500kv written on the bell, coming in at around 2470kv, but still well within expected tolerances. The performance reflects the Kv with strong results balanced well across both lighter loaded and heavier loaded props with very respectable efficiency.  This motor is flexible enough to work well on just about any 5" prop, giving a large range of applications and combinations. Even the lightest triblades hit close to 1300g at just over 30A, with the heaviest tested props peaking at just shy of 1600g and 45A. Light loaded 6" props such as the HQ 6x3.5 dual blades should also be viable though they weren't tested.