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GepRC SpeedX GR2306 2450kv
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The mid-Kv option of GepRCs 2306 offering.

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Published: Apr 16, 2019 by quadmcfly

GepRC SpeedX GR2306 2450kv

Tested KV:2430kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:6mm
GepRC surprised me with the quality and peformance of their GR2306 motor on the high Kv option.  This mid-Kv version is identical except for the number of turns, so read the write-up on the build quality here


This 2450kv version follows in the footsteps of the 2750kv option, performing extremely well for its stator size.  The Kv tested pretty much on the nose at stated Kv.  For a mid-Kv motor this is an utter powerhouse. The lightest prop tested put out over 1400 g at full throttle while retaining pretty solid efficiency at 36A sustained.  The motor really wakes up when you start loading it up, easily clearing 1600 g peak power on heavy 5" tri-blades and coming very close to 2 kgs peak output on 6" dual blades.  The current draw definitely matches the thrust output, approaching 50A sustained.  Practically speaking this means sustained throttle will likely be limited by your batteries peak current delivery capacity, and on heavier props these motors will likely require some throttle management to maintian ideal performance from your packs.  All that being said, the efficiency numbers here aren't that bad given the power being produced, so at cruising throttle ranges they should do very well.  The primary benefit here is the torque delivery, with excellent response curves on just about every prop it spun. This  motor is likely going to be ideal on the lighter loaded end of the spectrum for most pilots, but with plenty of torque to deliver even on very heavily loaded props, only sacrificing battery life in the top third of the throttle. Excellent work here form GepRC.