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GepRC SpeedX GR2306 2750kv
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An entry into the FPV motor space from GepRC.

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Published: Jun 6, 2018 by quadmcfly

GepRC SpeedX GR2306 2750kv

Tested KV:2750kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:6mm
GepRC has been in the FPV space for a while, producing mostly low cost frames, but recently branching out into other aspects of the hobby. The GR2306 is their entry into the full size FPV motor space, and I was pleasantly surprised. This motor hits all the marks for current generation motor: hardened steel 4mm internal hollow shaft with bolt retainer, single wire winds, strong arc magnets, 16x16mm mount with an open base, and a magnet retention lip on the flux ring. There are couple of things that stand out on this design. The magnets are actually a bit taller than the stator and overlap above and below. This is excellent for torque production, and the mark of engineers who have done their homework. Both the magnets and flux ring are also quite thick, which has a positive impact on torque production. Also the shaft is retained with a standard M3 x 4mm bolt with a 2mm hex drive socket. The bolt also appears to be out of a harder alloy steel, though it is not marked. The 2mm drive and harder steel make removing the bell simple and problem free. The bearings are all 9x4x4mm, which should help with long term durability. The only minor complaint I have with this motor is the weight, coming in at just over 34g it is definitely on the heavy side for the stator size. That is the tradeoff for the taller magnets and thicker flux ring however, and is at least functional weight rather than dead weight.


The high Kv of this motor combined with the high torque design decisions make this a competitor for one of the most powerful motors in its size and weight class. The Kv tested exactly as stated, which is a rare occurrence. It does seem to lose some ground slightly in efficiency, dropping about 0.1 g/W or about 1A loss over its competitors but it makes up for it in raw power, easily clearing 1700g on the 4.5 pitch triblades and producing around 1600g on most of the mid-range props. Most of the props are averaging over 40A current draw at the top though, which limits the practicality on all but the lightest props. Careful throttle control and high discharge batteries are a must with this motor. Conservative is definitely not in its vocabulary. I will be curious to see how the lower Kv counterpart compares, but this is a very strong offering from GepRC.