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Gemfan RT2205 2300kv Full Results  [CLICK HERE]


Gemfan sent a selection of their new motors over for testing.    This is the first of that series, the 2205 2300kv.  I'll be testing the 2700kv version of this motor as well.

Check out the full list of motors in this series here


Looking at this motor, you'll immediately notice the similarities to the RCINPower GT series motors.  Clearly these motors are an OEM'd version of the RCINPowers.  Given my impressions of the those motors, I'd say in this case that's a very good thing.  The build quality is stellar and the motors are extremely smooth.  In terms of the physical attributes there's not really much to say in addtion.  The red and black scheme has been varied somewhat for Gemfan for OEM purposes, but not significantly.  The real question here is whether there will be anything significant to differentiate this from the RCINPower.  Comparing the motors closely it looks as if slightly different magnets were used. Now on to the bench results, and lets find out if that made a difference!

Test Results

I was really expecting to see pretty much identical results to the RCINPower 2300kv motor here, but instead I got a bit of a surprise.  It looks like those changes in the magnets made a difference here.  Based on the KV test it looks like the motor is a tad higher KV, testing at closer to 2360kv rather than the 2300kv even of its cousin.  That seems to give it a bit more punch, typically about 50g or so more at the top end, at the cost of 1 to 2 amps of additional amp draw.  What I think I found the most interesting here is that this motor matches performance almost identically to the RotorGeeks 2206 2350kv, in terms of thrust output, current draw, and acceleration/braking.  The Rotorgeeks wins out by a small margin on the 6x4, but only in terms of acceleration.  Even the 5x4x3 is essentially identical.  This is really a testament to the power of N52 magnets in these new generation motors.  It's also worth noting that I did a before and after KV test, and the motor showed no rise in KV at all. Given the rather high temperatures reached during static testing, the temperature rating of these magnets is well within the range of normal use.   Overall, this is quite an impressive motor, getting decent responsiveness and great power for a 2205.