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Emax RS2306 2400kv
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The lower KV variant in the RS2306 line from Emax

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Published: Apr 24, 2017 by quadmcfly

Emax RS2306 2400kv

Tested KV:2330kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:6mm
This motor doesn't need much introduction. The Emax RS series of motors has been dominating the hobby for the last year.  The RS2306 hit the market with massive popularity, and have continued the legend of the RS2205 and RS2205S motors.  This motor is the lower KV sibling of the RS2306 2750kv that we already tested.  There's not much different here, other than the KV, so lets get right to the results.


The most interesting thing here is that, like it's big brother, this one tested lower KV than stated, coming in about 2330kv rather than the stated 2400kv.  Given that finding, the relative efficiency of the results here is not surprising.  This motor has loads of torque, and delivers some insane RPMs for a lower KV motor. The lightest prop here delivered over 1100g of thrust at only 24A, but that isn't where this motor really shines. The low KV here really shows its colors when you load it up.  The beefy stators and lower KV deliver some serious power on the heavy 5" and light to mid 6" range.  The numbers themselves aren't extremely impressive given what we're seeing out of the larger stator higher KV motors, but the amp draw is what really delivers on this motor.  Even the heaviest 5" props are in low 30A range, and are delivering well over 1400g of thrust.  The 6" props continue that trend with the KingKong 6x4 delivering over 1700g of thrust while staying under 40A peak sustained current.  That is quite a feat.  Very solid performance from Emax here, delivering an excellent freestyle motor with fantastic response charactersitics and amazing torque delivery. The only draw back of this motor is that the insanely tight air gap and very strong magnets will are likely to cause tuning troubles on some flight controllers that are sensitive to high feedback.  I would recommend doubling up your capacitance with these motors, and taking extra care to make your build as clean as possible, both physically and electrically.  Given proper care with tuning and build though, these motors will impress.  One side note, which I mentioned as well in the 2750kv write-up, double check your screws on the bottom of the shaft.  Make sure to locktite them,and make sure they are not overtightned.  Overall, another excellent delivery from Emax!