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Cobra Champion CP2210 2200kv
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This is the largest offering in the Champion line, currently flying wing spec motor but also usable for 280 and 300 class miniquads.

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Published: Jun 11, 2017

Cobra Champion CP2210 2200kv<br />

Tested KV:2200kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:10mm
I initially recieved this motor for testing related to the selection of the FPVWRA spec motor, and I was unsure whether I was going to publish the results as flying wings aren't really the target of this site.  I've decided to publish it anyway because there are still some interesting results here and a potential application in the larger FPV miniquads. This motor has a few differences from the typical champion line, the primary difference being the prop adapter is a seperate adapter that screws on with four M2.5 screws.  This definitely adds to the weight a bit, making this motor weigh in at a whopping 45g, a couple grams heavier than the T-Motor F80. The weight really precludes the motor from most miniquad applications, making it really primarily a wing motor, but it should work quite well on heavier AP quads and even 300 class miniquads.


The large stator size here is aboslutely insane on this motor. As with the F80, this motor is striking in it's efficiency on 5" and even light weight 6" props, but the taller stator definitely delivers more power to the prop, especially at the heavier loading. On the 6x4 this motor delivers a whopping 1800g of thrust at only 35A sustained current and managed to pull over 2kg on the 6x4.5x3 but at an insane 50A peak and 47A sustained.  The motor didn't seem to have any issues handling the current, getting no warmer than any of the smaller motors under 35-40A.  On a big rig capable of handling a larger battery and appropriately rate ESC, these motors would provide some insane power. Unforutnately I didn't have any 7" props for testing, but clearly this motor has the torque to handle ligher weight dual blade 7" props no problem based on the 6x4.5x3. Definitely some interesting work here from Cobra.