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Cobra 2207 2100kv Full Results  [CLICK HERE]


An amazing supporter sent in this Cobra 2207 (Yes I'm not even bothering to call it 2206) 2100kv motor for testing.  This motor has been one of the staples of miniquad racing for a while, so it is interesting to see what it can do compared to the newest generation motors.  

Cobra motors set the standard for miniquad motor peformance for over a year, so it was of great interest to me to see how this one would do.  Following on the success of the 2300kv 2205 motor, this motor was targeted towards a higher level of power.  I know Cobra has had a bad rap for QC lately, but build quality on this one is awesome.  The Cobra design has always been stellar, with a very compact very light weight, but still very strong motor bell. The only issues I've ever seen with these have been magnets slipping, and that seems to be a flaw in the assembly, not the design. One intersting thing to note is that this motor did not seem to have any balancing mud in it.  The motor was new in the box, but I'm not sure as to the particular vintage of it's origin, as it came from supporter not from a purchase or manufacturer.  It didn't seem to run particularly unbalanced though, so it may be that this unit simply didn't need mud.  The old SunnySky X series motors didn't usually have mud either and they were some of the most balanced motors I've ever put on the stand.  Regardless of the controversy over the quality control on these motors, the results are the interesting part, so lets get to them.


I was a tad bit dissappointed with the results here, but that may only be because I've been testing some crazy motors recently.  Overall the results here are very respectable for a motor in the 2100kv's weight class at 32g.  It tested right at 2100kv as well, so on lighter props it doesn't really push that hard.  This motor really starts to excell on heavier props where it hit 1350g at only a little over 26A.  Efficiency really seems to be the pro for this motor, as it just barely matches the thrust of N52 based 2205 2300kv motors, but it does it at about 4-5A less current. Given that it has about 2mm more stator height and 200 less KV that's about what I expected. Overall very solid performance, though given the price point, QC issues and other options readily available, whether it is worth it is a decision the purchaser will have to weigh.