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BrotherHobby Tornado T3 2306 2450kv
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A 2306 mid-Kv option from the Tornado line, sent over by BrotherHobby for testing.

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Published: Nov 6, 2017 by quadmcfly

BrotherHobby Tornado T3 2306 2450kv

Tested KV:2420kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:6mm
The Tornado line from BrotherHobby has become a staple in the FPV world, renowned for their cool running temperatures and voltage handling.  This latest offering in the line offers a slightly larger stator, one-piece hollow alloy shaft, and an open-bottom design to shave weight down to 33g.  The other motor characterstics are similar to the other Tornado motors, with ultra-thick curved magnets, with an extremely tight air gap, and thick single wire winds. They also have swapped the C-clip for a retention screw. Often the retention screw can be problematic due to stripping the head, but in all their latest motors BrotherHobby has been using 12.9 steel with 2mm hex drive, which should not strip even under the most rigorous removals. These changes are a solid step forward for the Tornado line, bringing them up to par with recent design trends.


The Tornado motors have always been solid performers, though often they are a bit over-rated on Kv.  With this new motor they nailed the stated Kv almost spot on, testing at 2420kv vs the stated 2450kv.  The results show this with solid performance and efficiency, hitting close to 1300g at below 30A on light 5" props, over 1400g at the low 30A range on mid-weight 5" props, and approaching 1500g in the upper 30A range on heavy 5" props.  This motor really shines on 6" props, easily clearing 1700g of thrust sustained, though it looses some efficiency, peaking at well over 40A sustained. With dynamic unloading though, that is still quite manageable on a 6" rig running larger batteries.  As with previous tests, this motor is just ahead on torque and power over the equivalent Returner line (in this case the R5 2450kv), but at the cost of weight. Overall a worthwhile upgrade to the Tornado line.