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ZMX v2 2205 2300kv Full Results  [CLICK HERE]


I finally have version 2 of the ZMX motor.  This is the highly anticipated second revision with upgraded magnets and bell design.  Thanks to Silver-Drone.com for sending it over.  I will also soon be testing the 2633kv and 2800kv versions in the high KV shootout.

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This second revision of the ZMX motor carries all the advantages of repairability from the initial release with some significant upgrades.  The bell design has been changed purely cosmetically but under the hood there are some significant upgrades.  The magnets have been updated to N52 super high temp curved magnets that have been custom developed for Silver-Drone.   As of the time of this writing these are the only motors I've confirmed to be using super high temp N52s.  The magnets are thinner and lighter than the N52 variants used in other motors as well, but the loss of magnetic field size almost entirely made up by the curved surface.  The quality on these motors is stunning, especially given the price.  They weigh a mere 26g, and the machining quality is excellent.  Time will tell if they hold up to abuse, but given the quality of design I expect them to do well.  Again my same comment on the originals still stands.  Given that these are designed to be repairable, check your set screw and keep track of any vertical play in the bell. If they get loose, simply tap the shaft back into place and re-tighten the set screw.

Now on to the bench results!

Test Results

Once again these motors did extremely well, especially given their weight class.  The thrust and RPM numbers matched the Emax and DYS SE motor.  The thinner magnets did start loosing a small bit of troque at the very top end of the heaviest props, but only a slight loss of RPMs.  Thrust was still on par though, most likely due to environmental variables and some small variances in my RPM sensor.  I would say likely in flight the differences are close enough to be undetectable.  Overall I'm extremely impressed with these motors, both in terms of performance and build quality.  These will definitely be a killer motor given the high output and light weight.  I will be interested to see the results on the high KV versions as I get to them.