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ZMX Fusion X20 2205 2300kv
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The mid-kv smaller stator offering from the ZMX Fusion line.

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Published: Jun 11, 2017 by quadmcfly

ZMX Fusion X20 2205 2300kv

Tested KV:2385kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:5mm
The ZMX motors came on the scene as a relative unknown a few years ago, and since then has consistently been producing excellent motors.  The ZMX Fusion continued that trend last year, but shortly suffered some major setbacks related to the glue from the new factory. They appear to have been working hard to resolve that issue, and this motor is from the latest batch which seems to have resolved the glue problem.  The X20 Fusion is the same quality machining and tight tolerances as the X25, but adjusted to the smaller stator. The air gap is not as tight as some of the other recent motors we've seen, but still respectable. My only real complaint about the X20 vs the X25 and X30 is that the hex screw used to retain the shaft, while the same thread size, is a smaller drive size, making it more likely to strip the head. I voiced my concerns to ZMX though, and they are considering ways to improve the strength and prevent stripping.  These come in a bit heavier than the ZMXv2 at just over 28g with factory wires, but are still a good deal lighter than many of the other motors in the 2205 class.


With the rush of large stator, very powerful motors we've seen recently it is interesting to step back a bit to a 2205 motor. The results here seem a bit low compared to the monster large stator motors we're seeing across the bench lately, but if you take a closer look some interesting things come to light. The output on this motor is almost identical to the ZMX v3 2206 2300kv motor, especially when you take the variances of the old power system used in the test on the v3. The results still fall a bit behind the Emax RS2205S and the Cobra Champion, but not bad given the weight is a bit less. Still given that it comes in about the same weight as a number of 2206 motors on the market, it's easy to see why 2205 has fallen out of favor a bit.  Still, overall strong performance, and given the low cost of these motors, still a compelling option in the budget market.