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Xilo 2207 2550kv
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The 2207 offering from the new budget line of motors sent in by GetFPV for testing.

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Published: Oct 4, 2018 by quadmcfly

Xilo 2207 2550kv

Tested KV:2570kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:7mm
The Xilo brand is a new budget-minded line from GetFPV, designed to get the most out of your money. This motor provides an excellent starting point for this line. The build quality is excellent, which is no suprising given it's Returner line vintage, and the weight is extremely reasonable for the 2207 stator size, coming in at just barely over 30g. The motor otherwise has all the expected features, titanium alloy shaft, 16x16 open base design, single wire winds, and arc magents with a microscopic air gap. The bearings are the more durable 9mm external 4mm internal bearings as well, which is always a bonus, especially given the low weight of this motor. My only minor complaint is that the grip on the top of the bell beneath the props is a recessed grip, which I've found to be dramatically less effective than grips that use positive inflection. It's also worth re-iterating the warning from several other recent motors of the same design line, the 2.5mm screw and 1.5mm hex drive can be problematic in some cases. Good tools, and if necessary the use of heat when removing the retention bolt is recommended. That being said, I was able to remove the screw in this test motor without difficulty.  Overall a great first offering in the Xilo line, especially at the price point.


This motor sits right on the line between mid-Kv and high Kv, testing right at 2570kv. I've classified it as high Kv as the peak current draw and range of viable props fits more into the higher Kv class.  The motor puts out some very respectable numbers, but the current draw starts climbing pretty quickly in the last 1/4 of the throttle.  The heavier props start pushing towards the 50A mark. The motor certainly has the torque to get them there, but the higher Kv brings the current costs into territory that means the ideal props for this motor will be on the lighter loaded end of the spectrum. Mid-loaded 5" tri-blades, such as the v1s 5043 and 5045, and the Cyclone 5045 are probably going to be the sweet spot in terms of balancing power and current draw, though some pilots will probably want to opt for the more conservative 5040 props.  An interesting prop to watch on this motor is the T-motor 5143. It is an ideal loading from a response perspective, but like other props from the Gemfan Flash line (on which this prop is based) it starts losing efficiency in the top 1/4 of the throttle. You can see it move position in the efficiency rankings from keeping pace with other props of similar pitch to jumping way down in efficiency at 100%. Still with careful throttle management they should be an excellent prop even on high Kv motors, and especially in this case where the Kv is fairly conservative for high Kv.