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T-Motor F40v2 2205 2300kv Full Results  [CLICK HERE]


After a good deal of waiting I was finally able to get this second revision of the T-Motor F40 motor.  Thanks to the local pilot who brought it over for a couple hours for me to test!

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The second revision of the F40 motor from T-Motor shows some drastic improvements over the original model.  The switch from from 2204 to 2205 stator size was already guaranteed to show some improvement, but overall the motor is thinner and sleaker, with some revisions to the bearing arrangement and shaft layout.  The shaft is the same hollow 4mm steel shaft with the same type of retention clip, but more of it is exposed above the motor for better grip on a larger range of props.  The motor feels more solid as well, and the windings are thicker wire, as well as stronger magnets.  All-in-all this represents a dramatic step forward from the orignal rather lackluster v1. As always with T-Motors, these are wicked smooth, and just purr on the stand, especially with the tri-blades.

Now on to the bench results!

Test Results

I have to say this motor impressed me a good deal. I was expecting better thrust numbers than the previous F40, but i wasn't quite prepared for the numbers that it hit.  Essentially at the time of this writing the F40v2 tied with the XNova 2205 2300kv for second place, coming in about 50g/1500rpms below the Emax RS2205 2300kv.  Overall this motor did extremely well, even holding up to the torque load of the very heavy Gemfan 5x4.6BN (HQProp 5x4.5BN equivalent)  It almost hit 1300g on the KingKong 6x4.  Quite impressive preformance, especially when compared with the original F40.  As an interesting note, when I tested KV on this motor it tests for me at closer to 2400kv.  I'd be curious to hear what numbers others are getting.  Overall it looks like T-Motor did some research and got this one pretty close to spot on.