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T-Motor F40III 2306 2400kv
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The first of the new F40III line from T-motor.

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Published: Jun 25, 2017 by quadmcfly

T-Motor F40III 2306 2400kv

Tested KV:2300kv
Stator W:23mm
Stator H:6mm
T-Motor has been fairly prolific recently, with a consistant release schedule of new motors.  The Pro series represented a significant increase in power over the standard F line, but was really targeted at a different market. This motor is the next step in the standard F line, picking up where the F40II left off.  The F40III ups the stator size by 1mm, coming in at 2306 rather then the F40II's 2305.  There are also a number of other significant changes, such as the magnets, airgap, and a total rework of the bell design.  The F40III bell takes it's motivation from T-motors larger motors, like the F1000 and U series, integrating the flat top and internal cooling fins, though opting for silver rather black anodized finish.  This design opts for durablity rather than lightness, so the motor comes in about 1g heavier than the F40Pro for the same stator size (33.6g with 45mm of wire). The motor wires are the same larger gauge wire typical of T-Motor with a new flair of orange coloring and a longer wire length stock to allow for  Overall very solid construction and some interesting visual chnges.


The tests here showed some very interesting results.  This motor was clearly designed as a much more conservative motor than the Pro line, testing a good bit lower KV than stated on my equipment and while showing solid numbers, definitely opting more for efficiency than outright power when compared to the F40Pro. That being said, even the weakest props cleared 1100g at quite low current draw of 23A, while the heavy 5" props just clearing 1300g at around 30A.  Overall very solid performance at very reasonable current draw and solid response times due to the larger stator.  This motor will be ideal for a range of applications from efficient freestyle on lighter props to more agressive flight on the heavier 5" props or light weight 6" props. Overall a solid motor with a broad appeal, especially for those looking for something a bit kinder on the batteries.