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STP R2205M 2480kv
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Another offering from a new player in the FPV miniquad motor market, STP sent this motor over for testing.

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Published: Dec 30, 2016 by quadmcfly

STP R2205M 2480kv

Tested KV:2350kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:5mm

I've been contacted by a number of new companies looking for feedback on new entries into the FPV market, and STP was one of the first.  The motor they sent is a 2205 motor.  The design is intersting and the shape of the bell and base is quite different from most of the other motors that have come across the bench.  The build quality is quite good, and air gap between the magnets and the stators is very tight. There is balancing mud on the bell as well, so it appears that the bell has been motion balanced.  The bearings are not quite as smooth as I would like, an the motor is a bit heavy coming in at 30g for a 2205, but other than that the motor is a very solid first offering.

Test Results

The results with this motor were intersting.  It is not quite the same strength as some of the recent higher powered offerings, but it is right on par with the original Emax RS2205 motor.  The bearings were a tad rougher than I'd like, and the motor developed a tiny bit of vertical play during the test, most likely a result of the coper spacers settling a bit. The most interesting thing here is that the tested KV was quite a bit lower than the stated KV, both through the no-load test (showing 2350kv) and the overall performance of the motor in terms of RPMs and current draw under load.  This is not really a problem per say, just something to be aware of.  Another interesting note is that the card included in the box with a small thrust chart from the factory was actually surprisngly accurate. Their current draw was a bit higher than mine, but the thrust listed for the HQ 5x4x3 prop was within 7 grams of my peak average. Overall, very solid performance for a first entry, but not quite up to the level of the current top performers in the 2205 space.