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RotorX RX1404 V2 3600kv


RotorX's update to their 1404 motor

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Published: Jun 18, 2018

RotorX RX1404 V2 3600kv

Tested KV:3600kv
Stator W:14mm
Stator H:4mm

The V2 of this motor comes with some improvements to it's manufacturing, but key among them larger wire in the windings.  From what RotorX has said this should give something just over 20% more copper cross section compared to the V1, and it really shows when you look at the efficiency.  The motor is probably up to 10% more efficient at some loadings, and shows at least some increase at just about every load.  It seems to handle the heat much better than the V1 as well, not showing as much dropoff on the dyno under extended heavy loading.

The RX1404 falls right in line with what you would expect from this high power t-mount class of motor.  Light 2" props being a little on the low load side for getting best efficiency, but better than what can be seen in other smaller motors.  Heavy 2" and light 2.5" loads really hitting right in the ideal range for performance on the motor, and light 3" props also matching well. Heavy 3" loadings not really being in a spot to take best advantage of the efficiency of the motor, but not being so badly out of range to be not viable.  The extra torque from the larger stator volume compared with other 1106 and 1304 motors is small, but does show, and you can expect to have slightly higher motor acceleration because of it, especially since the motor doesn't weigh much more than an 1106 in the first place.

calibration report - most recent dyno calibration at the time this test was run