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RotorX RX1104 4000kv


Classic light weight micro motor

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Published: Aug 16, 2018

RotorX RX1104 4000kv

Tested KV:4138kv
Stator W:mm
Stator H:mm

One of RotorX's earliest motors, the 1104 matches really well with a light 2" or 2.5" prop load.  Giving a band of peak efficiency that covers in slightly lower loadings than other 11xx motors we've seen.  Light 3" prop loads still fall under the 60% efficiency band, just a bit too far away from peak performance to really take advantage of it.  Heavy 3" prop loads drop down into the 30 and 40% bands, not really taking best advantage of what the motor can offer.  

Overall it performs very similar to the 1105b that came after, having efficiency that's relatively close overall and a very similar torque slope.

calibration report - most recent dyno calibration at the time this test was run