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MotorTest: RotorGeeks 2205 2700kv

RotorGeeks 2205 2700kv Full Results  [CLICK HERE]


Rotorgeeks was kind enough to send over this beast of a motor for testing along with it's little brother (the 2204 2300kv).  These are some very smooth, very high quality motors.  I did some initial tests here with a variety of props.  I'll be adding more to the list over the next few days as well as adding the 2204 2300kv motor and those results as well.

My first impressions of these are great.  The machining quality is top notch, the bearings are super smooth, and balance is perfect.  Balancing mud is present inside the bell.  The stator size claims and KV are accurate, testing within 50kv of the stated numbers.  This 2700kv is a beast, throwing down some HUGE thrust numbers at 4" and 5" props.  I'll be adding the new HQ 4x4BN prop and the 4x4x3BN prop over the next few days.  


I'm testing these with the XRotor 40A ESCs, as the most capable ESC in my repertoire. The high KV will really push the limits of the ESCs on my bench, so I'll be running the full spectrum through soon. Currently I am testing on two rather tired Dinogy 1800mah 65C batteries wired in parallel.  Even so, the sag is huge at only 30A, bringing the voltage down to 13V off a full charge. That seems to be about what to expect off a decent battery and 4 of these though, so that may still be a valid test!  I've ordered a replacement of two 5200mah 4S batteries that will also be wired in parallel for a total of 10400mah.  That should reduce any sag even on demanding motors.  Keep an eye on this page as I'll update more as I have more data.

UPDATE 12/06/2015

I got my batteries in and also re-calibrted my load cell against another reliable test stand that unfortunately doesn't log data.  Everything is accurate now though, and the new batteries brought the sag voltage up considerably, though not as much as I'd hoped. The new numbers look fantastic though!  I think for 5" the 5x3 prop looks suprisingly good, given thrust vs efficiency.  The 4x4BN prop looks decent for a 4" setup as well.  The 4x4x3 is NUTS power, too, at a reasonable amp draw.  It should unload a ton in the air too, especially on a very light setup.  Can't wait to see some 4" setups with these!  I'm very tempted to build one up myself!

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