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Rotaro Mjolnir 2308 2600kv
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This is a custom built version of the SunnySky Edge Lite motor for a racing team out of Norway.

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Published: Jun 25, 2017

Rotaro Mjolnir 2308 2600kv<br />

Tested KV:2580kv
Stator W:23.8mm
Stator H:8mm
The SunnySky has been putting out some impressive motors in the Edge Lite series, and this custom OEM work for Rotaro is probably one of the best I've seen from them. The CNC and machining work from SunnySky is always very impressive, and combined with the large stator size and light weight design makes an absolute monster of a motor.  As with the other Edge Lite series motors from SunnySky, this motor is closer to 24mm wide than 23mm, coming at 23.8mm in diameter.  The weight for a motor of this size is quite good, coming in at 38g on the nose with the stock wires, putting it a good deal lighter than the 42g F80.


The power this motor puts out is absolutely insane.  The combination of the torque of the large stators and the high KV of the motor creates some insane power and response times. Unfortunately the motor is so powerful that even with the capacitory and battery in line on my power supply, heavy props were tripping the fault protection, so the heaviest prop that I could test was the 5x4x3.  That being said, even the range of props I tested put out some very impressive performance. Even the very light weight HQ 5x4 dual blade prop hit over 1300g, with the v1s and HBN dual both clearing 1400g and the 5x4x3 hitting almost 1600g of thrust. With performance like that it will have no trouble spinning even much heavier props, though the current draw obviously becomes problematic very quickly. That being said, the current draw on the lighter props is quite reaonsable for the amount of power they are producing, not even hitting 40A sustained for almost 1600g of thrust on the heaviest props tested.  Still with heavy props, expect ~45A static, which translates into about 150-160A in high angle of attack in the air, and 130A or so at WOT in sustained forward flight.  Overall an insane motor, designed to push the limits at any cost.  Not a motor for the faint of heart or weak batteries, but should create some insane power on the right setup.