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RMRC Rifle 2206 2300kv
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This is the mid-KV version of a custom motor made by T-Motor for ReadyMadeRC with some really interesting features.

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Published: Feb 10, 2017 by quadmcfly

RMRC Rifle 2206 2300kv

Tested KV:2350kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:6mm

ReadyMadeRC has a long working relationship with T-Motor, and the Rifle motor is another step along those lines.  Based on the design of the Air200 motors, the Rifle adds some interesting features, as well as significantly beefing up the specifications. The stator size has been increased to 2206 and the magnets have been upped to N52H.  The airgap on these motors is insanely small, and the tolerances and machining are top notch.  The motor borrows the hollow shaft design from the F series, but adds a screw retainer instead of the C-clip. One of the most interesting features of this design is the directional cooling mechanism that is actually optimised for the direction of rotation.  It actively forces air up out of the stators, creating some significant airflow, even at lower RPMs. During testing the reduced temperatures were noticable.  Probably the most visible thing about these motros is the base design.  The metal as been trimmed down so only the absolutely necessary metal around the screw holes remains.  This may be a concern on frames that have very little protection around the motors, but for most situations the removal of the extra metal is likely to help prevent the bell locking up in a crash due to a malformed base, as well as increased air flow and some fairly significant weight savings.  In this case the weight savings have been used to strengthen other parts of the motor, such as the bell and shaft (slightly thicker shaft wall compared to some of the other hollow shafts out there). Another really clever part of this design is a vynl sheet between the base of the motor and the stators that means you'll never damage your windings with a screw. A small thing, but a clever addition to the design.  The biggest downside here is fact that due to the directional cooling, you need to buy these in counter-rotating sets.  Overall though, the design on these motors is very well thought-out and extremely polished.  Definitely a great looking motor.

Test Results

Given the complex heritage of this motor, I was very curious to see what it would do on the stand.  This motor scores quite well on efficiency, producing some very reasonable thrust across the entire throttle range for very reasonable current.  Performance is very close to the Armattan Oomph and Lumenier MX mid-KV motors, though it gains a bit of ground agains the MX on the heavier props due the slightly lower KV.  Overall this is a very solid performing motor, earning a place among some of the best motors in the mid-KV 2206 class.