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RCX RS2206 v2 2400kv
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This is the upgraded version of the 2206 FPV racing motor from RCX, sent over by MyRCMart for testing.

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Published: Jan 19, 2017 by quadmcfly

RCX RS2206 v2 2400kv

Tested KV:2402kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:6mm

RCX has been producing motors longer than most of us have been in the hobby, and they have proven multiple times they know what they are doing. That being said they have been hesitant to approach the super high powered FPV racing motors, kind of easing into them with the H2205 series via incremental upgrades, and then the introduction of the RS2206 and SE2205 series motors. While the first-generation RS and SE motors were quite respectable, they still didn't push the limits like some of the recent offerings from other manufacturers. This RS2206 v2 is finally their answer to that last step. There are some significant upgrades in this motor, a 4mm internal shaft, upgraded from 3mm, N52H magnets replacing N50SH, 0.15mm laminations. EZO 940 bearings, and a significantly tighter airgap. If you've ever questioned what differences all the modern motor design techniques make in a motor, now is the chance to find out! The only downside I see here is weight. With the denser stators and magnets, and heavier shaft the weight of these comes up to just over 31g, which is a pretty significant increase over the originals. Overall though, the upgrades here represent a significant step up in durability and performance.

Test Results

I have to say I was totally blown away here.  I knew this thing was going to be better than the original RS2206, but I was not prepared for the level of competition RCX brought to the table given their history of reluctance on the power front.  This motor brought it and then some, matching the most powerful of the mid KV 2206 motors on the market within the margin of error of my testing equipment, and even matching some the equivalent KV 2207 motors that have been tested. This motor is also surprsingly efficient for the amount of power it is able to produce, especially compared to some of the other top motors in this performance class. All those updates combine to make this one mean motor.  This thing clears almost 200g increased thrust across the board over the original design and has significantly better response curves on every prop. The difference is dramatic. Given the price point that RCX hits with these, these motors are going to be hard to beat!