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RacerStar RF2205 2300kv Full Results  [CLICK HERE]


This is the first of a new economy high performance line of motors from RacerStar, the RF series.

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Published: Oct 26, 2016 by quadmcfly

RacerStar RF2205 2300kv

Tested KV:2390kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:5mm

There have been a number of solid inexpensive motors with the RacerStar brand, and this RF line is a move into the higher performance market. The design here is very similar to the low end motors, but looking closer reveals some changes.  The primary change is a single peice shaft design, with a retaining screw instead of a clip.  The upper shaft is not hollow, but solid steel.  Unfortunately the lower shaft is still 3mm even though it has a retaining screw.  This means the walls around the screw are very thin.  How that may impact the long-term durability of the motor is hard to say, but it is something to watch.  Other than that the build quality is very decent.  No play in the bearings, and tolerances are quite tight.  The prop adapter is a tiny bit short, that means with the average prop you'll likely need a low profile prop nut if you plan on using lock nuts.  This motor came in a set of counter-rotating motors though, so a lock nut may be un-necessary.  The motor is a tad heavy, weighing in at 30g for the 2205.  Overall a solid entry for this motor for it's target market, given this motor retails for under $10.

Now on to the bench results!

Test Results

The results here were quite impressive for the target market.  Power just outclassed the original Emax RS motor, which has been essentially the gold standard for N52 class 2205 motors up till recently.  The motor pulled just at 1200g peak on the 5x4x3 at just under 30A, which is not bad at all.  The slightly higher current is a result of slightly higher KV, as this motor tested just shy of 2400kv.  Even with the higher KV, this motor did quite well up into the heavier prop range, hitting over 1400g on the 6x4 at just under 33A. Overall very solid performance here.