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RacerStar BR2205 2600kv
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An economy motor from RacerStar sent in by a curious reader.

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Published: Aug 22, 2017 by quadmcfly

RacerStar BR2205 2600kv

Tested KV:2400kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:5mm
The RacerStar BR series motors have been quite popular economy build segment, and I have gotten quite a few requests to test them.  A kind supporter of the site sent this in straight from BangGood for testing.  The BR series is extremely inexpensive, which is where their primary strength lies. The design is an older design, with larger air gaps, a 3mm internal shaft and heavier build.  The weight is actually less than the design would suggets though still a bit heavy for a 2205, coming in at 27.8g.  The weight of the motor compared to the design suggests that the aluminum used is likely lower strength, which may have implications in the long term druability of the motor, which may not be a problem given the low price point.  The machining is actually quite decent for an economy motor, with good finish and clean anodization.  The bearings are not as smooth as some of the other high dollar motors, but still totally acceptible. Overall nothing here is overly concerning, though nothing jumps out as exceeding expectations.


The biggest thing to note here is that the KV tested much lower than stated, coming in at 2400kv rather than the stated 2600kv. I actually had to double check to make sure I grabbed the correct KV motor, but 2600kv was written on the bell. Even given an actually KV of 2400, the performance leaves something to be desired.  The wider air gap and weaker magnets are extremely telling here, with the motor barely breaking 1100g sustained even on a 6" prop.  This motor might be sufficient for early learners who are looking to learn control and don't want much power starting out, but it will quickly be outgrown.  When there are solid performers at a similar price point on the market, this motor is definitely a tough sell.