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Racerstar BR1102 8000kv


Racestar's smallest 11mm motor

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Published: May 1, 2018

Racerstar BR1102 8000kv

Tested KV:8000kv
Stator W:11mm
Stator H:2mm

The extra small startor on the BR1102 leaves it desperately wanting for torque.  It's hard to find a really good prop match for this motor, even the light 2" prop loads it down quite a bit and is pretty far away from it's peak efficiency.  Perhaps even smaller props would be a good match, 1.9" or smaller.  The small size of the motor also seems to leave it prone to overheating, which reduces it's performance even further unless it's loading is kept low enough.

calibration report - most recent dyno calibration at the time this test was run