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Northaero Dragon (Phoenix) 2207.5 2450kv
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The mid Kv sibling in the monster 2207.5 lineup from Northaero.

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Published: Aug 20, 2018 by quadmcfly

Northaero Dragon 2207.5 2450kv

Tested KV:2380kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:7.5mm
Northaero created a light weight powerhouse with their Dragon line of miniquad motors.  Previously this series was marketed independently as the Typhoon and Pheonix, but they have been rebranded as varying Kv under the Dragon name and moved to a different retail outlet.  You can find our previous review of the 2650kv version here. Other than the Kv these two motors are identical build, so nothing much additional to say here.


Given the excellent performance of the 2650kv version of this motor I was expecting a lot of this one, and I wasn't disappointed.  Kv tested a bit lower than stated coming in at 2380Kv. The 7.5mm stator height gives a definite torque advantage, creating a powerhouse motor even at this lower Kv however. Even light weight props easily clear 1200g of thrust thanks to the larger stator size.  The torque really begins to shine on heavier loaded props however. The most ideal props for this motor are likely to be the recent generation of 5.1" props, with solid performance on some lighter loaded 5.5 and 6" props as well. The current draw starts rising a bit on the heavier load, but should be manageable with reasonable throttle control. Combined with a weight under 32g this motor delivers huge torque, excellent power, and solid efficiency in a remarkably light package.