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Multicopter Builders Primo 2208 2350kv
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A large stator offering from Multicopter Builders, targeted at the 6" prop range and heavier all-up configurations.

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Published: Jan 23, 2019 by quadmcfly

Multicopter Builders Primo 2208 2350kv

Tested KV:2300kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:8mm
Multicopter Builders has some of the longest history in large proped mid-range cinematic freestylers in the hobby. It's a fairly narrow market, but they have produced some really well targeted gear in the past. Their Primo line of motors has been shown in the past to be a really excellent balance of weight, power, and efficiency. This motor shares the design with the other Primo's simply upping the stator size to 2208. The light weight design leaves the weight at a very impressive 33g, which is lighter than many 2207 motors on the market. Other than that check out the reviews of the other Primo's for more information on the design.



The stator size here gives this motor some impressive power while not sacrificing efficiency more than necessary to establish the torque. Since the weight is so low, this motor becomes really viable on a huge range of setups, though the high torque and low end of the mid-Kv range makes it definitely suitable for high torque loaded props on heavier setups. The torque allows it to put out excellent static numbers, but with the lower unloaded RPMs at only 2300kv as tested, the top end speed on lighter props will definitely be lower. This makes this motor ideal for 5S though the Kv is high enough to preclude static testing at that voltage. This motor definitely comes into it's own on heavier props, picking up some really excellent lift capacty at very reasonably current numbers.  Given the capacity for a large disc area and high lift capacity even what seem at first as fairly high current draw become resonable with the ability to carry higher capacity batteries without feeling the weight, especially when compared with the current that is typically required on smaller higher Kv motors to reach those numbers. Multicopter Builders nails their intended application on the head with this motor.