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Multicopter Builders Primo 2207 2450kv
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This is a refresh from Multicopter Builders of their 2207 motors.

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Published: Sep 12, 2017 by quadmcfly

Multicopter Builders Primo 2207 2450kv

Tested KV:2380kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:7mm
Multicopter Builders was one of the first to take the BrotherHobby R3 design and adapt it to the 2207 stator size, creating an extremely light and still quite powerful 2207.  This motor drops the weight a bit more and ads in some upgrades long the way.  The Primo manages to shave a full gram off the previous design coming in at 30g flat, while adding in a single-piece hollow steel shaft, screw shaft retention, tighter air-gap, and flashy new bell design.  A very nice upgrade to an already excellent motor.


The internal changes to the motor here are interesting. The tested kV comes in almost identical to the orginal MB2207 2400kv, and the results show some interesting factors.  The results on the lighter props are almost identical to the old motor, but as the torque loading increases there is increased seperation in favor of the new design. On 6" props the difference is fairly dramatic.  This really demonstrates the effect of varying torque production with two motors of otherwise very similar design parameters.  This motor is a strong contender for the freestyle market where the mid weight, high torque and large range of prop selection is ideal.  The mid-range kV also makes this motor ideal for stepping up to 5S, where the taller stator size will really put the voltage to work.