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Multicopter Builders 2206 2400kv
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This is a higher KV version of the ever popular BrotherHobby Returner R3 motor. Multicopter Builders sent this one over for testing.

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Published: Oct 5, 2016 by quadmcfly

Multicopter Builders 2206 2400kv

Tested KV:2350kv
Stator W:22mm
Stator H:6mm

There's not much to say about the motor here. The differences are primarily in the winding, and not in the build.  As far as build goes, it is identical to the ZMXv3/BrotherHobby Returner motor, and the same comments on build quality apply.  As mentioned before the primary strength of these motors is their excellent power to weight to current draw ratio, so the primary interest here is in the test results.

Now on to the bench results!

Test Results

Interesting results here. The difference in KV was actually not that dramatic. The 2300kv version tested for me at about 2270kv, and with the adjustment to the windings this version tests at 2350kv. Given the relatively small difference in KV, the results were interesting. There was a definite improvement across the board in thrust output, but also a slight raise in amp draw as well. Even with the slight increase in amp draw, this motor is still in fairly decent territory, drawing 28A under static load with the 5x4x3 and hitting almost 1250g of thrust. This compares to the 2300kv version at 26A and 1170g of thrust. Interestingly enough, the relative gains seem pretty universal as a percentage from prop to prop, even on the heavier props. The higher KV starts showing a tiny bit on the 6x4.5 prop and the 5x4.6, but only in a slight reduction in gain as a percentage of the total and slight efficiency loss. Overall this increase in KV seems to have given a decent kick to performance without a dramatic rise in current. If you're using lighter weight props like the 5x4x3, this will definitely be a noticeable improvement without killing the battery. The improvement will still be there on the 5x4.5x3HBN, but the amp draw is edging on 30A static which is a range that may start to be a problem on some batteries even when unloaded in the air. It would be up to the pilot to consider if the performance gains are worth the increased amp draw. Regardless it still puts the draw well below the insanity of the Tornado T2 and ZMX Fusion motors that will likely be best suited for only the highest performance batteries, though it's also not at their performance level either. It still sits in a great balance between weight performance and current draw, though definitely weighing a little more towards the performance side at the cost of a little of the current draw side, sitting almost dead center between the new high performance 2206 motors and the existing 2300kv version.